People really shouldn’t be that surprised that so many people are starting to switch to electronic cigarettes from regular cigarettes. There are just too many advantages involved to not at least try these electronic cigarettes and to see how they work. If you do not like electronic cigarettes and they aren’t for you, there is no problem in going back to regular ones. However, if you switch for a while and find out that you do enjoy them, there will be a lot of advantages coming your way from switching to e-cigs.

One of the main advantages is that you will actually be saving a lot of money. A lot of people think that e-cigs are expensive because they are high technology devices. That is not true at all. Once you buy an electronic cigarette, all you have to do is change the cartridges that provide you with the nicotine every now and then. People who have switched to electronic cigarettes report more often than not that they end up saving a lot of money. Some people say that they have even cut the money that they spend on nicotine in half after switching to e-cigs.

So that is one obvious advantage that should interest everyone – because everyone want to save money, right? Another big advantage is one that should definitely be interesting to everyone, and that is living a healthier life.


So how can electronic cigarettes be healthier than regular cigarettes? It’s still smoking right? The explanation is pretty simple. When you are smoking an electronic cigarette, you are inhaling a vapor that is providing you with the nicotine that you crave. So you are smoking without any actual smoke. You are getting the nicotine, but there is no tobacco being burned and there is no smoke to inhale. And as most people know, the smoke that you inhale is probably the worst part of smoking when you are discussing health risks. So when you switch to an electronic cigarette, you are getting the nicotine without all of the toxins and tar that come with inhaling smoke.

And the lack of smoke is something that is not only beneficial from a health standpoint. It is good for many reasons. One is that smoke from a cigarette does not smell good. Not only does it no smell good, but it gets into your clothes, hair and skin, and it makes you not smell good. It also makes your apartment smell bad. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to smoke without having to smell like smoke? That can become a reality if you switch to electronic cigarettes.

So the advantages are pretty clear. When you switch to electronic cigarettes you can not only save a lot of money on your nicotine addiction, but you can also improve your health – or at least not damage it any more than you need to – and you can also enjoy your nicotine without having to stink like an ashtray.

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